Am I Back?

answer: probably not. finals soon, so im too busy procrastinating. HOWEVER, i shall be trying out THIS THING I FOUND ON THE INTERWEB (clickyclicky) and i’ll try to remember to answer.

soooo, ABRSM was not so bad. i am unusually anxious and bi-polar now. i believe i have lost a bit of my magic writing touch. i’ll be back. ❤


Oh, is that so…

Heartbreak is only in your head.


The pain from heartbreak isn’t imaginary. It is stressful and can cause a mix of emotional and physical pain.

According to one study, a bad breakup can trigger the same parts of your brain as strong physical pain — like getting burnt by a hot drink. 

Stress can make your chest feel tight, heart race, and stomach hurt. It can also beat up your body, making you more likely to get sick. So when you’re nursing a broken heart, take care of yourself — get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and exercise.

hmm. thats a new one.