Perception of Time

something has been bothering me alot lately. time. i dont seem to be able to drink in everything at a leisurely pace. i feel like the worlds moving too fast–without me. its been like this for a while now. a week or so. or a month. i dont know. i remember very little, and my days are time stamped by horrible events that i do now want to attend. for example, ive been living between 2 points: PAS (april 19) and ABRSM (may 20). i am living for abrsm. and i remember things by saying, oh that was a week after pas. oh that was 2 weeks before pas. and its effective.

but its sad. i have no goal in life anymore. david used to be my goal, but ive been having super mixed feelings lately. actually, i dont think i can feel much anymore. i doubt im falling into depression (allie brosh has a few pieces about them. she is finally back!!!) because i still have a few bright spots everyday. im really confused and thats not the point.

what im trying to say, is that everyday is a blur. nothing is special anymore. i feel lost and valueless. my life is a dump. its been another week, huh? ive been mentally working of this excerpt for a half week then. sigh. bye bye 🙂



emma cannot stand mangas and animes. instead, i indulge in webcomics. “but emma, webcomics are like mangas! stupid girl.” 

first of all, webcomics usually dont have a definite plot. those that do fall into my category of “manga” and i normally dont bother clicking on them. i made an exception for the gorily epicness of find chaos

my little collection of favorites ❤

  • completely serious comics– absolutely cray-cray (dafuq) and nothing close to serious. farts, cats, and mustaches <emma is up to date>
  • loading artist– beautifully adorable drawings. warning: laugh alert. small collection atm but this guy is bookmark-worthy. <emma is up to date>
  • XKCD– hi, honeybunches. “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language” very little romance as far as i’ve read. interesting if you understand the concept of weird tech languages
  • insert life here– shhh! i havent started this one yet, but the ones ive seen are awesome. this will take me a while to get through xD
  • narcop… narpoco… narcolepsi, no, NARCOLEPSY– i have no idea what the heck this is but there was one with a unicorn price stabbing a princess so i like it
  • Dr. Cat– has got to be the cutest webcomic/wannabemanga ever. a cat. that acts like a human doctor. priceless. <emma is up to date>
  • kate or die– a favorite at the moment. love her. hilarious and true stories from a bisexual. <emma is up to date>
  • Cyanide and Happiness– 3000+ comics plus animations. dirty, but they make a good job out of it xD im on 2000 something. almost… there…
  • chaoslife– oh, mygod. a new favorite. cats and drinking and laughter. art=amazingsprinkles
  • pandyland– again, i have no idea what this is, but it looks hilarious

and now, i present, tendernuggets, the only blogger blog i like. itsofunny (unlike me, may i add) i dont like tags

Emma inWinterland~ p.4 (aka shoutout day)

We are leaving tomorrow. I personally dont give a shit. Winterland this year has flown by, boringly. Last year i lived for the nights when i could cuddly on a chair with an ipad and chat with honeybunches. Butt that was last year.


I like bullet points~

  • Extra large cup of chai to my favorite snowboarding teacher, Alycia Bomer, who introduced me to chai. Have some, amazing girl, and have fun without meeee~
  • Homewood ski resprt, for being fucking honest about the best view evars. Dat lake ❤
  • Inventor of chai. For… Inventing chai?….
  • My adventure family for bearing with my presense
  • H and K’s to my penguin for entertaining me when honeybunches wouldnt
  • Taylor swift songs for helping my depressed mind sleep
  • Netflix and psych… LAUGH. OUT. LOUD.
  • and bunny blanket for letting my ear bleed all over your beautiful smooth surface

That is all, my friends! No boring post tomorrow… Car all the way. I hate me too.

Emma in Winterland~ p.3

in buttpain. buttpain is unbearable. 

i have nothing to say. this is crazy. honeybunches is in reno. all my blog ideas are strictly embedded in the car. AUGHHHHHHH

omegleing is fun. 


snowboarding is hella hard on green lines because you cant restart your movement, and your balance is completely off. go to homewood with meeee

i will sit here and sadly watch my views per day drastically drop. down, down, then downwards some moar, and i will cry on the inside and wish i have internets on the car. because that is where inspiration blooms

here is my salvadavid. read it. read everything. READ MY BLOG PLEASEEEE



David, now or never. David with intelligent, ever-aware eyes, scanning the bumbling school chaos. David who blends into the crowds, despite his height, who doesn’t seem to exist until promoted with love, who walks at the speed some run, who would gladly spend his life alone with only Internets. Wakes up at the latest times, pulls on stripes and dirty black shoes, makes for the door, no breakfast. Avoids all trouble by a whisker; never late, never caught speeding down the halls by the ankle-less teachers.

David, barely thriving in a school of idiots, talks at two speeds: rapid-fire-geek and “o.” Who, now, frantically finishes  David, flanked by Devesh and Daman, the bodyguards of his nerd-gang. Circle shared and acts smarter than men 30 years elder, David studies C++ and Linux crap, preparing for a likely future in engineering.


David, now or never, risk it all. David, once upon a time, snuck glances across the room at the “intelligent” girl who would someday make her move, but no today. David who is an entirely different person while chatting, gives one chance, and the girl takes it too late. Burdened by another’s broken heart, peppered by her desperate attempts, he finds safety behind Google Chat’s trusty “block” option. David, overlooked by most, loved by one, deftly elbows her face, turns around with nervous, confused eyes, and says,”Ow.” She knows now as he slouches farther and farther from her reach that she will never be loved again by this once-sweet-on-her, chat-until-four-am, hormone-ignoring boy.