Am I Back?

answer: probably not. finals soon, so im too busy procrastinating. HOWEVER, i shall be trying out THIS THING I FOUND ON THE INTERWEB (clickyclicky) and i’ll try to remember to answer.

soooo, ABRSM was not so bad. i am unusually anxious and bi-polar now. i believe i have lost a bit of my magic writing touch. i’ll be back. ❤


the gel pen of chaos….. shall live on

i cant do this anymore. i need somewhere to share my fantasies. i really miss blogging. all day long, i would make mental lists about all the things that would get me 30+ views. and then i remembered the moron that spoiled my art. speaking of that moron….

i dont forgive you. i wont forget you either. <THIS IS ONE BLOGGABLE TOPIC. THE EXTENT OF FORGIVENESS> i dont understand you either. why the hell would you show your mater the poisonous thoughts of a 13 year old lunatic? and why didnt you consider that fact that your parents know mine? youre like that retarded jessica girl who cheated in science. you. have. no. idea. what. trouble. you. get yourself. and. others. into. do you know what i did after i posted my last post? i cried. i cried a goddamn river. do you know why? no, of course not. moron. i cried because nothing ever goes smoothly for me. nothing. i cant even type shit on the internet without being reported. so i think i hate you. i think i hate you very much.

thank you, allama, for loving my blog. you too, mrs. leung, even though youve been too anime obsessed lately. without my precious gpoc, my internet life was so fucking boring. i would 9gag for 20ish minutes, aywas for 20ish minutes, beastkeeper for 10ish minutes, and then id be out of entertainment. i have to go read chuck norris facts now. i promise i will make up for my absence. i will humor the shit out of you. or at least i will humor the shit out of you by trying desperately hard to humor the shit out of you.

welcome back, emma