About Emma

i love rabbits, i love internets, and im an asian schoolgirl
i fan over a guy who i will refer to as honeybunches (for, you know, security and shit) ❤

i dislike grammar, but i love correcting others

i love reading (SCIIII FIIII)

my g+ please add me into circles ❤

i take aikido

i hate stupid questions

if you want me to do anything, feed the wild emmars

(BTW i go by emmars too. crazy, huh?)

i love writing, though i dont think im good at it

hey, thanks for reading this much 😛 pm me or whatever and ill write something hilarious. i just have no ideas that originate from me.


7 responses to “About Emma

  1. mr. butt ⋅

    may i ask you a stupid question?

  2. STAHP IT ⋅


  3. Melissa Chen ⋅

    y u call him honey bunches? y not bryce like in ur bio (flipped)?

  4. Cheshire ⋅

    honeybunches is some one VERY SPECIAL

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