Am I Back?

answer: probably not. finals soon, so im too busy procrastinating. HOWEVER, i shall be trying out THIS THING I FOUND ON THE INTERWEB (clickyclicky) and i’ll try to remember to answer.

soooo, ABRSM was not so bad. i am unusually anxious and bi-polar now. i believe i have lost a bit of my magic writing touch. i’ll be back. ❤


Perception of Time

something has been bothering me alot lately. time. i dont seem to be able to drink in everything at a leisurely pace. i feel like the worlds moving too fast–without me. its been like this for a while now. a week or so. or a month. i dont know. i remember very little, and my days are time stamped by horrible events that i do now want to attend. for example, ive been living between 2 points: PAS (april 19) and ABRSM (may 20). i am living for abrsm. and i remember things by saying, oh that was a week after pas. oh that was 2 weeks before pas. and its effective.

but its sad. i have no goal in life anymore. david used to be my goal, but ive been having super mixed feelings lately. actually, i dont think i can feel much anymore. i doubt im falling into depression (allie brosh has a few pieces about them. she is finally back!!!) because i still have a few bright spots everyday. im really confused and thats not the point.

what im trying to say, is that everyday is a blur. nothing is special anymore. i feel lost and valueless. my life is a dump. its been another week, huh? ive been mentally working of this excerpt for a half week then. sigh. bye bye 🙂

It’s Summer


yes, i have incredibly low tolerance for heat, as do my clinically cold hands. buuuut since its going to be 90 degrees daily now, you know i’m going to go home and take all my clothes off. which totally reminds me of an avengers meme. 


yisss. sorry for lack of posts and brace yourself for more empty days. emma is allergying and is unwell. mentally. yes. goodbye 🙂 HIATUS AHOY