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i have to leave. i don’t want to, but i must. 

some moron showed their parents the gel pen of chaos. which is possible one of the most stupidest things you could ever do. it’s right up there on the list right next to fishing for piranhas with your private parts (dumb ways to die). moron, i sincerely wish, right now, that a bear would bite your head off. moron, one does not simply show their parents the blog-no, the virtual flesh and blood- of a semi-depressed, crazy girl who spits out her feelings to worlds of unknown. you are the single most stupid person i know right now, and if i find out who you are, you will have a horrible experience with me and everyone who gives a shit about my blog/well-being. thanks to you, i will retire completely from emotions and live in my head. actually, I’ve already started. if you actually die, i wouldn’t care. i could happily blog again. 

i could always change the url and appearance of my blog. Pater referred to it as creepy. would it still be macabre is the background was one of pink and rainbows, and the url changed to would it still be me? emma? 

the answer is no. this is what i like, what i feel. if i cannot have this in peace, i might as well not have it at all. this hiatus may as well be permanent. it’s not like you and your mater would beg for  my forgiveness. you have destroyed another bit of my life. congrats, it’s not everyday that that happens. 

i live in my mind. my classmates sometimes catch me oblivious to the world, staring at a chair or something. 

and pater just walked in. i quit, okay. nice try. 

good bye. 


About emmatbunnie

Hello, nonexistent readers. I type up whatever dark thoughts run through my cavernous mind. You have entered my cave of thoughts and regrets and everything in between. I post when my "friends" push me to. Don't expect too much, please. Hey! My name is Emma (duh). I have an adorabs little rabbit who I am overly fond of and I am sickeningly in love with "honeybunches," although that has GOT to change soon. I love crafts, such as sewing and polymer clay!

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