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i haz discovered two moar fabulous online reads!!!

twistedspeedo– I HAZ FINISHED YOU which is why i still have a shitload of homeowrk to do. but that doesnt matter. at the moment, of course. but i will regret this later. i should definitely blog about procrastination someday. but not today. today i am procrastinating. did i mention i stabbed honeybunches in the eyes with a cookie? of course i did. i blog my life. this is like facebook except its moar civilized. i know, this isnt even about twisted speedo anymore. i lost my favorite green agel (read: ONLY PENCIL) so im a tiny bit disappointed in society for not retrieving it for me.

Books of Adam– its like Tender Nuggets… I SHIP DEM AUTHORS

idk thats it. read them both. they will only take a few years. hue hue hue


and as a mindfuck, did you know that over 4100 species of plants are not autiprophic? THEY NOM YOUR SOUL 

thanks yvette 🙂 and happy b-day, buddy~ AS OF TOMORROW


About emmatbunnie

Hello, nonexistent readers. I type up whatever dark thoughts run through my cavernous mind. You have entered my cave of thoughts and regrets and everything in between. I post when my "friends" push me to. Don't expect too much, please. Hey! My name is Emma (duh). I have an adorabs little rabbit who I am overly fond of and I am sickeningly in love with "honeybunches," although that has GOT to change soon. I love crafts, such as sewing and polymer clay!

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