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Quite a hell lot

Miss ChanYesterday 6:47 PM ( ed)

God is very real, but I would not spread this kind of chain post. o-o

Miss ParkerYesterday 6:47 PM
Chain *post. I know.

Miss LeungYesterday 9:32 PM

Has God done you a favor yet? *raises eyebrows *

Miss ChanYesterday 9:38 PM
you do realize it’s a blessing to be alive everyday.. I don’t take these things for granted.

Miss LeungYesterday 9:46 PM

I am thankful that I’m alive, and I understand I’m extremely lucky to be living in the 21st century, in a first world country, when lots of people have it much worse. But I don’t really think it’s God that gives us those things.

Miss ParkerYesterday 9:46 PM
In fact, yes. A madman has not entered my house and start to shoot. I am still alive, my mom has not yelled at me, I am here with my computer happily contented, I had icecream, I played with my little sister who is nice to me, I look outside and it is full of greenery and nature and fresh air. Little favors by God instead of…..nothing.

Miss ParkerYesterday 9:53 PM
Well, read Genesis chapter one. If you don’t believe it, too bad so sad, you are on your own in this world. I don’t get atheists. You can get comfort and love and everything…by grace of God. And if you look closely in the Bible, it is in fact quite historically accurate, considering that these “stories” were in different languages and places and written by different people that never met each other. You atheists just shun out the entire thing, because of a few technical blips. Well, fine, but you miss out on another amazing place of…how to describe it? Amazing things.

Miss LeungYesterday 9:55 PM

In response to your first comment, +Miss Parker . Seems those kids starving in Africa are getting ignored a bit, hmm?
*graps popcorn *

Miss ParkerYesterday 9:58 PM
Do they believe in Christ? Those that are, are being helped by others around the world. God specifically created those that are suffering so that others can help them, and we can bond. Going through hard times together makes the world into one better than having them all equally the same and independant.

Miss LeungYesterday 10:03 PM

*chews popcorn thoughtfully *
We aren’t technically going through hard times together. Third world countries are bleeding to death on the sidewalk while the rich laugh and eat off of gold platters. There are a few good organizations in the world trying to help, but by and large… Human nature cannot be helped.
Also, in response to “most of the Bible is histroically accurate,” you are sort of correct. See, most of the people in the Bible actually existed in real life. But they probably didn’t actually perform miracles and stuff. You could call it “historical fiction.”

Miss ParkerYesterday 10:15 PM
Ok, first of all, Most of you guys aren’t Christian. Most of the rich guys aren’t Christian. And its our fault that we aren’t helping each other out. God wanted us to care for each other, but we aren’t doing that. So that doesn’t prove that God doesn’t exist, but that we are mean cruel people who fall short.

Miss ParkerYesterday 10:17 PM
And also, how do you know that they didn’t perform miracles. If you can’t prove that God is alive (which he is) you just cant automatically assume that its not possible. Until you prove that God is not powerful enough to perform miracles, we cannot say that miracles are impossible.

Miss LeungYesterday 10:55 PM ( ed)

By your logic, +Miss Parker  , unicorns exist because you can’t prove they don’t. So first I’d like you to prove that God is indeed powerful enought to perform miracles, then we’ll see. Also, it sounds like God is discriminatory based on religion. And for your “we are simply terrible people”, seems like God’s plan didn’t work, eh?

Grammar NaziYesterday 10:46 PM


Miss LeungYesterday 10:55 PM


Grammar NaziYesterday 10:58 PM
but maybe even if God isn’t real, we convince ourselves he is so it helps us deal with the fact that we are all just bags of meat with no real impact on the universe sitting on a small piece of rock and that one day, we will die, and the sands of time will wash away all memories of our existence. and no one will ever know. because they’re dead.

Miss Chan2:50 PM
+Miss Leung
God is not discriminatory based on religion. He loves us all. And about suffering..what you have to understand is that in a crude sense, suffering is something that we make..
We define what we call “good” (world peace, etc.) but the reality is that our world is full of suffering, disease, etc. When “bad” things happen, we are disappointed because of our way of thinking. Suffering is not created by God.

Miss Leung3:13 PM

If God exists, and he is all-powerful, why doesn’t he lift a finger and save us all from suffering? and also, Julia stated that a reason for suffering was disbelief in God, so technically is is discriminatory based on religiion. Also, God seems to enjoy kiling people in the Bible, so maybe he exists but is just a pyschopath who enjoys suffering.

Miss Hou3:50 PM
there technically is some minimal proof that god truly exists. the big bang was actually proposed by the church because they knew that no matter what, science cannot prove that there was an explanation/beginning to the big bang. its not yet proven possible that you can make matter out of… nothing. so, therefore, the church can say that god created the big bang, and science has nothing to oppose, because we arent there… yet. +david h i love dan brown… the Illuminati are so awesome

Miss Hou3:51 PM
and wasnt god/religion the cause of everything bad today? YES. i enjoy answering my own answers.

Miss Chan6:40 PM
The church did not propose the Big Bang, scientists did.  The Big Bang is called the Standard Model in Physics nowadays, which is based on the general theory of relativity and the quantum field theory.  Both have been proven and applied in our daily life.  The Big Bang is further supported by cosmologic observations (redshift and cosmic microwave background radiation) and the scientists who discovered these received Nobel Prizes.  It is proven that matter is made out of energy (E=mc^2).  What is the source of energy?  This needs to be coming from an unconditional and supreme being (i.e., God) or you can call it the First Cause.  

Miss Chan6:40 PM
God is not the cause of bad; bad is caused by people without absolute standards.

Miss Hou6:47 PM
“scientists did” THEY ADAPTED IT

Miss Hou6:51 PM

hey, absolute standards are included in some religions, if not most. and godammit i hate this subject. god should give us unicorns and he should ride a bearodacturtle into the upside-down rainbow ingress then he should give his worshipper answers to everything they need then he should slap all the dumbfounded scientists while i derp on my unicorn and read dan brown scifi books until religious freaks come burn my house down with my combustible lemons that i harvest thanks to science and god and my bunny poop fertilizer and when i blow up i will find that i actually woke up and instead of a human i was god and i just derped with things in another dimension like unicorns and drunk science gives you turtles that blow up

Grammar Nazi7:08 PM
i think you mean mine turtles

Miss Leung7:33 PM

Tto “humans cause bad” then why doesn’t God just solve that all for us, erase the bad? He’s supposed to be all-powerful. So now’s he’s either not all-powerful, meaning he’s not “God”, in the sense that we know him, or he’s a sociopath who likes watching us suffer.
Also “the source of energy must be coming from God” NO. OK, how did you get that? Energy has no “source”, there is a set amount of energy/matter in the universe, and there will always be that amount of energy. Also, to the First Cause argument, if God was the First Cause, then what caused God? And please don’t say he caused himself because that’s logically impossible.

Miss Leung7:37 PM
Also, Emma, there have been multiple theroies put foward by science that explain the Big Bang. The string theory, M-theory, all propose explanations, though one has not been universally accepted yet. But it is illogical to say God caused it, because then what caused God? (refer to First Cause counterargument again)

Miss Hou7:52 PM
you said that twice. ask the goddamn church. but still, you cant make matter out of nothing, unless you mash up pure energy…

Miss Leung7:54 PM
Where did I say that you can make matter out of nothing?

Miss Hou7:58 PM
nowhere, but then what are you suggesting caused the big bang if there wasnt a superbeing

Miss Chan8:05 PM

Scientists are hoping to hypothesize one unified theory to explain the four fundamental forces, three have been done but gravity is the last one.  The string theory, M theory, and others are all potential candidates, but every single one is built on top of the Big Bang.  But these theories are not relevant to the existence of God no matter scientists are successful or not.  They are trying to understand HOW the universe is created but we are talking about WHO.  The universe is proven to have a starting point, it is not an eternal steady state, so where is “a set of amount of energy/matter” coming from?  By definition, the First Cause has no cause, it’s just the logic 🙂
God can definitely stop all bad, but then people will lose their “freedom”.  God love all of us so He granted us freedom.  Love and freedom must go hand in hand.  But people can abuse the freedom to commit bad.  What’s the difference between human beings and robots?  Freewill!  Without freewill, human beings are just robots, then what’s the point to discuss love.  God does not stop all bad as He has a better solution.  Ultimately, it is a matter of faith – “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  No further comments 🙂

Miss Hou8:05 PM
im so tired of reading all of this

Miss Hou8:08 PM
and when was this how vs who
its stupid to even think a semihuman being like even your god created everything you see and dont.

Miss Hou8:09 PM
+Miss Chan +Miss Leung permission to blog this?
Miss Parker
No permission, unless +Miss Chan and +Miss Leung both are OK, and since this is my post, what I say goes.  
And how is it stupid? Scientists find how, that’s great. It seems legit. Religion finds who. It seems legit. Boom.

Miss Chan- completely agreed. If God forces you all to be good and sets everything right in the first place, is that true love?

Also, I think you misunderstood my “dont believe in God” comment. What I meant to say is that since they don’t act according to God’s will, and don’t know his love and grace, they act randomly and sinfully  which leads to chaos and more sin and suffering for others. End of discussion, I’m going to block any more comments if one of you adds one more comment.


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9 responses to “Quite a hell lot

  1. me

    religion was a human invention to explain things cuz they didnt have science…
    and string theory and the multiverse thing basically explains existence…
    and god is based on zeus lol

  2. Julie Parker ⋅

    “Miracles don’t produce faith, faith produces miracles” And yes, God was generous enough to me, who is still not a flawless Christian, to show me a miracle. God isn’t going to prove he exists until you believe in him. So now, assuming that God exists and that he had the power to create the amazing miracles I have seen, let me summarize Christianity for you, and I will answer any questions.

    In the very beginning, I guess you can say God was bored. So he created the universe. Science explains how- by taking atoms and boom, big bang.

    Now there is some confusion with creation and evolution. However, you must understand that we were translating this Bible from an almost unknown language, and it was a person who wrote the bible, not God. Therefore it is imperfect, for technicalities. It is possible, that when God said, “Let this be created” The cycle of evolution happened because of his command. Many people believe that both evolution and creation both happened, because the order in which they were made, were similar. I mean, how could people 10,000 years ago learn the order of evolution by chance? I mean, even if they guessed it?
    I’ll stop right here before I go on.

  3. Julie Parker ⋅

    Ok, now there is Adam and Eve. God made them because he wanted a friend. They were perfect, were righteous, and followed God. There was no sin in the world. However, God knew that if their only choice was to love him, then it wouldn’t be true love. So he created a small temptation. So basically this was sin in a cage.
    However, humans got tempted by a “serpent” aka Satan. They let the sin out of the cage. It now roamed freely and attacked the vulnerable humans (I’m using analogies here) God is good, so he cannot be in the presence of sinful people, so he forced them out of the garden, even though he loved them.
    Stop right there for now

  4. Julie Parker ⋅

    So God tried to help us. But we were hopeless. God is just, he can’t just allow an excuse for us. So he had his Son die on the cross to save us. (I could go alot deeper into that but you would get bored) The Son also rose from the dead to prove that he was powerful enough to conquer death. So now, there is a way. God gave people a second chance. He is giving us this time slot-our life- to choose to follow him again, out of our own will. Those who don’t, he still loves, but since he is just and cannot withold any punishment that is due, he has to punish.

    Once the world ends (no one knows when except for God, that’s one of the many nice things about Christianity), God will take those who were willing to take that second chance, and will put the sin back in its cage, and it will be just like God has planned before- for us to be friends with God.

    As you can see, there are no requirements, no making the cut, nothing. Just believe. Now if you believe, then you will end up doing everything else, because if you truly love God, no way can you not love your neighbors and enemies, stop praying, etc. You can do miracles if you fully believe in God. However, the problem is, not many people stand completely with God. This is why Christianity crumbles without being able to show to the world that it can do miraculous things.

    Please, ask questions.

  5. Julie Parker ⋅

    Oh and also, I liked how you called one of the “miss leung” very very nice

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