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Sandy Hook killing

second worse massacre in US history… why, bro, why? and shoot your mom in the face? thats even worse than hating and blocking the only girl who will ever love you… RIP to the 20 children who will never grow up, never learn, never love. RIP to the shooter’s mother for trying and trying and trying even more to help her son, but ending up to be his first victim. RIP to the 6 adults/teachers who tried till the last minute to help the kids. stupid mental illnesses. science will help you. yvette lin and andrew leung, grow up and sthap all the mentalness. 


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Hello, nonexistent readers. I type up whatever dark thoughts run through my cavernous mind. You have entered my cave of thoughts and regrets and everything in between. I post when my "friends" push me to. Don't expect too much, please. Hey! My name is Emma (duh). I have an adorabs little rabbit who I am overly fond of and I am sickeningly in love with "honeybunches," although that has GOT to change soon. I love crafts, such as sewing and polymer clay!

2 responses to “Sandy Hook killing

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    one of the teachers, victoria, saved her students but got shot

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