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Nobody loves me



1. the number of views i have might as well be in the negatives. my writing is so bad and unprofessional that no one cares. i cant draw, so rule out self pictures. no one loves me or my blog or what i saw and you probably didnt even read this far because you hate this and if you are reading this your mouse is hovering over the useful little “x” and you are seconds away from releasing yourself from this boring shit. you hate me.

2. honeybunches hates me. he hates everything i do. i give him my ingress code (moar on that later) and he unblocks me for a week. honeybunches hates me for loving him. honeybunches couldnt care less if i stabbed myself and bled to death in front of him. he hates me that much. knowing that i still exist (wtf is existence) within 500 miles of him must bring him hatred and sorrow for himself. you must hate me too. and honeybunches is always right. except for that science homework he completely screwed up and i got a totally mindfucking bad grade on that. i love honeybunches and he hates me. i hate me too. 

3. i hate this bye. percussion is mean.


About emmatbunnie

Hello, nonexistent readers. I type up whatever dark thoughts run through my cavernous mind. You have entered my cave of thoughts and regrets and everything in between. I post when my "friends" push me to. Don't expect too much, please. Hey! My name is Emma (duh). I have an adorabs little rabbit who I am overly fond of and I am sickeningly in love with "honeybunches," although that has GOT to change soon. I love crafts, such as sewing and polymer clay!

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