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What are socials, magical gel pen? My blogbrain does not understand the concept of googling! Socials (n) are sweaty, boring and loud events hosted by poor (butt super educated) schools where kids scream and yell and “dance” to music that rapes your ears. The teachers lock all 6000 kids inside school grounds from 4-6 and make them pay to eat. You socialize with your friends (aka laugh and tease them) It’s actually okay.

The one thing i hate the most? You have to pay for the food. We already pay a $10 admission fee at the door, Y U CHARGE US MOAR. We know you are poor, we know you desperately need money, butt filching up to $2/slice of pizza? NOH. Butt obviously, everyone still gorges on the shitty food you can buy 10x cheaper at some Asian market. 

The people there. worry me so much. (well, most of them…) Me and my friends kind of stand around and try not to get bitchified. There are like douches running around whooping and pouring drinks on each others’ heads. If honeybunches were there, he would be like THATS A FUCKING DOLLAR YOU SPILLED ON HIS STUPID HEAD. But he wasnt, so :C And the girls. Total camera whores. I spent 5 minutes leaping behind them trying to get a good photobomb, butt i think their hair and accessories covered me.  And plaid? Dont get me started. ALL the douchebags wear plaid. Its a great texture and all,  but when every wannabe wears plaid, you dont look like a lumberjack anymoar. Plaid is your ticket to instadouche. 

What i (a semi-nerd) do at a social:

  • photobomb attempts
  • whine
  • scream
  • laugh at the douchebags
  • watch the movie in a dark room with my semi-nerd friends
  • whine
  • allow my ears to be raped by music
  • eat
  • eats other peoples food
  • force my friends to dance
  • drink other peoples drinks
  • whine

So yeah. Socials.


About emmatbunnie

Hello, nonexistent readers. I type up whatever dark thoughts run through my cavernous mind. You have entered my cave of thoughts and regrets and everything in between. I post when my "friends" push me to. Don't expect too much, please. Hey! My name is Emma (duh). I have an adorabs little rabbit who I am overly fond of and I am sickeningly in love with "honeybunches," although that has GOT to change soon. I love crafts, such as sewing and polymer clay!

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