pony vs pony

pony vs pony

you battle. with ponies. 

best thing evars!!!!

~friends of emma, which is just emma

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plus books

slept until almost 11:00. that was some seriously good sleepytime i had. after waking up at 7:00 for the past week, my contacts were crusty and dry and i immediately had a nosebleed. it was worth it 😀 

fast forward 3 hours of psych and reading (who knew jack the ripper was so goddamn scary… shivers) BIKE ALL THE PLACES!!!!!11 find all the geocaching!!!1— wait. why am i reciting my hell-of-a-life. i didnt even enjoy my day. im not a blogger. i seriously suck at this bogging thing.

books. BOOHKS.

i have a problem with books. i love reading; its my escape into another persons reality. well, music is fine, but is there anything/song i cant partially relate to? anyways, i read a lot, in the bathroom while i shit, on the couch, in bed, upside down (not recommended), under the bed, in my closet, when the teacher is talking, when the teacher is talking, during boring videos, and i would totally read underwater if i can find a waterproof tablet. so, a lot. the only genres i refuse to read are realistic fiction, biographical books, and books that are 100% educational (exceptions apply). 

my problem, you ask? i have read so goddamn much that i cant remember most (95%) of the delicious literature i have downed throughout my life. it kills me. i have read series like harry potter, artemis fowl, inkheart, alkatraz smedry, vladimir tod, hunger games, percy jackson, divergent, clique, canterwood crest, SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, and so many goddamn amazing single novels as well. my estimate… 800+ at minimum. and those tiny 10 page pictures ive been reading since i was 3 dont count. its simply too too many for my brain to comprehend. im dying. i really want to see more, discover new kingdoms, but is it worth losing all the other worlds ive lived in? experienced? loved, cried for, stayed late thinking about? 


Emma inWinterland~ p.4 (aka shoutout day)

We are leaving tomorrow. I personally dont give a shit. Winterland this year has flown by, boringly. Last year i lived for the nights when i could cuddly on a chair with an ipad and chat with honeybunches. Butt that was last year.


I like bullet points~

  • Extra large cup of chai to my favorite snowboarding teacher, Alycia Bomer, who introduced me to chai. Have some, amazing girl, and have fun without meeee~
  • Homewood ski resprt, for being fucking honest about the best view evars. Dat lake ❤
  • Inventor of chai. For… Inventing chai?….
  • My adventure family for bearing with my presense
  • H and K’s to my penguin for entertaining me when honeybunches wouldnt
  • Taylor swift songs for helping my depressed mind sleep
  • Netflix and psych… LAUGH. OUT. LOUD.
  • and bunny blanket for letting my ear bleed all over your beautiful smooth surface

That is all, my friends! No boring post tomorrow… Car all the way. I hate me too.

Emma in Winterland~ p.3

in buttpain. buttpain is unbearable. 

i have nothing to say. this is crazy. honeybunches is in reno. all my blog ideas are strictly embedded in the car. AUGHHHHHHH

omegleing is fun. 


snowboarding is hella hard on green lines because you cant restart your movement, and your balance is completely off. go to homewood with meeee

i will sit here and sadly watch my views per day drastically drop. down, down, then downwards some moar, and i will cry on the inside and wish i have internets on the car. because that is where inspiration blooms

here is my salvadavid. read it. read everything. READ MY BLOG PLEASEEEE



David, now or never. David with intelligent, ever-aware eyes, scanning the bumbling school chaos. David who blends into the crowds, despite his height, who doesn’t seem to exist until promoted with love, who walks at the speed some run, who would gladly spend his life alone with only Internets. Wakes up at the latest times, pulls on stripes and dirty black shoes, makes for the door, no breakfast. Avoids all trouble by a whisker; never late, never caught speeding down the halls by the ankle-less teachers.

David, barely thriving in a school of idiots, talks at two speeds: rapid-fire-geek and “o.” Who, now, frantically finishes  David, flanked by Devesh and Daman, the bodyguards of his nerd-gang. Circle shared and acts smarter than men 30 years elder, David studies C++ and Linux crap, preparing for a likely future in engineering.


David, now or never, risk it all. David, once upon a time, snuck glances across the room at the “intelligent” girl who would someday make her move, but no today. David who is an entirely different person while chatting, gives one chance, and the girl takes it too late. Burdened by another’s broken heart, peppered by her desperate attempts, he finds safety behind Google Chat’s trusty “block” option. David, overlooked by most, loved by one, deftly elbows her face, turns around with nervous, confused eyes, and says,”Ow.” She knows now as he slouches farther and farther from her reach that she will never be loved again by this once-sweet-on-her, chat-until-four-am, hormone-ignoring boy.


Emma in Winterland~ p.3


today was… fuckit. i will tell you what happened instead. we (not me actually, i was cold) made a snow slide that only the tiniest girl could go down. then i went to see a movie in reno with afew of my adventure family. me and gege watched Jack Reacher because Le Mis is fucking boring.

spoiler alert

jack reacher magically appeares to clear some shooter guys reputation. shoot, shoot, die, die, violence, gun, gun, pow, sad, cry, gun, cry, die, etc. that is all. it was pretty good, actually.

winterland today is boring

Emma in Winterland~ p.2


Day one of snowboarding lessons 🙂 my butt is frozen solid and my foot aches, but it is seriously UP THERE FACE TO FACE with the awesomeness of skiing. Personally, i think i learned a lot for a beginner. Honestly, the hardest part is getting on the goddamn ski life thing that really isnt a ski lift, but a stick with a roun bit of metal attatched to the bottom that you NOT SIT OR STAND ON, but you lean against for support as it lazily tugs you up the stupid slope. Took us each 7 or so tries to actually get the fucking hang of the stick thing. 

I got a $30 amazon gift card for christmas. And i didnt even get it on christmas. Fuck. I hope secret santa gets me something to die for ❤

Emma is staying at the rental cabin all day long tomorrow because there is supposedly a hell lot of snow… Looking forward to reading Vanishing Point. The house owner is a tom clancy fan… I WILL TRY. 


emma In winterland 

(like alice in wonderland… Did anyone catch that?)

Emma in Winterland ~ p.1

my first ski day in 366 days. (i know this by reading old love honeybunches chats <3) my water froze, my cheek required facewarmers, all circulation was cut off from my fingers, my calves burn from the effort of parallel turning, my face could conjure, at most, 4 facial expressions, my eyes watered from the sun, and my butt itched all day because of the stupid tag i didnt cut off. it was one of the best skidays evers :DDD i only fell once and all the black diamonds were awkwardly easy.

super cold today. 15 degrees fahrenheit plus super fast speeds equals faceburn. ohmigud. my lips were so cold if i kissed honeybunches he would get burned.

my stats are dying fucking kill me right now

ahhhh… i swear i was sick last night. my body was on fire and i couldnt think. i was plagued with nightmares and i was dying. then i opened the window and after 3 bursts of cold air i slept through the awfulness.

that is all. i will have beautiful snowy scenic photos for you later ❤